Code of Conduct

Opticnetworks (Pty) Ltd subscribes to this Code of Conduct which prescribes the minimum standard of conduct that Opticnetworks (Pty) Ltd endeavours to follow in rendering services to its customers.

This Code of Conduct in accordance with the guidelines as well as the minimum standards for subscriber charters prescribed by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (“the Authority”) in Notice 1740 of 2007 published in Government Gazette No 30553 dated 7 December 2007 and in Notice 272 of 2008 published in Government Gazette No 30792 dated 25 February 2008, respectively.

Key Commitments

Opticnetworks will: -

Consumer rights

Your rights in terms of the services that Opticnetworks (Pty) Ltd provides include (without limitation), the right to: -

Provision of Information

Minimum service standards offered by Opticnetworks (Pty) Ltd

Billing Complaints Handling Procedure

Complaints handling, resolution and escalation procedure