Voive over IP Lines

Voice over IP Lines

Opticnetworks utilizes VoIP technology to deliver telephony services over wired or wireless broadband Internet connections. A VoIP line is a multi-line service used in junction with either a VoIP switchboard, a gateway device, or a VoIP telephone (desktop/cordless) or phone adapter (ATA).

A single telephone number is provided for inbound service, although larger blocks of Direct Inward Dialling (DID) numbers are available on request (R50 per block of 10 numbers, or R400 per block of 100 numbers). Our VoIP lines can be provisioned to include from 1 up to 120 channels (simultaneous calls) making it suitable in both small and large business, as well as call centres. Channels can be upgraded at any time without interruption to service.

A VoIP service, unlike traditional fixed lines, can be moved without requiring a change of telephone number, you are not bound to a single location, or at the mercy of your fixed line operator to move your line. Simply take your phone or device and off you go!