Number Porting

Switch to VoIP, but keep your number!

Porting allows you the freedom to change from your current telephony provider to a more cost effective VoIP solution without the inconvenience of having to change your number. It’s a quick, easy, and non-disruptive process.

Number Porting is charged at R150.00 per individual phone number ported, whilst number ranges (“Managed Port”) is charged at R15.00 per individual phone number plus a single base charge of R1, 000.00.

Currently, only Geographic telephone numbers (that is, numbers that starts with 01, 02, 03, 04, or 05) can be ported. Special premium numbers such as 080, 086, or 087 cannot be ported currently due to the law and regulations not allowing for non-Geographic number porting.

Porting Stats

Statistics taken from the Number Portability Company (responsible for the central porting database) is very clear that both mobile, as well as Geographic number porting is very active in South Africa. We encourage all our clients to explore the possibility of porting their existing Geographical numbers to Opticnetworks for VoIP.

  • Since November 2006 to end January 2017 - 6,054,253 Mobile numbers have been successfully ported including port back and port on numbers
  • Average Mobile ports per month +- 45,521
  • With effect from April 26 2010 to end January 2017 - 884,542 Geographic numbers have been successfully ported.
  • Average Geographic ports per month +- 11,057